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Gregory Caesar


Life coaching is a process where a coach helps you unlock your full potential, set and achieve goals, and improve your overall quality of life. It can benefit you by providing clarity and direction in your life, enhancing your personal and professional relationships, and boosting your self-confidence and motivation.

What is life coaching and how can it benefit me?

While therapy often focuses on addressing past trauma and mental health issues, life coaching concentrates on the present and future. Life coaching is more goal-oriented, and the coach works with you to create a plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

How does life coaching differ from therapy?

The duration of a life coaching session typically lasts an hour, and the coaching process can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Critically at the end of the session you're left with actionable advise which means the growth continues beyond the session itself. I'll also follow up the session with an email detailing what we covered and any specific tools required.

What is the typical duration of a session?

No, you don’t need to have specific goals in mind before starting life coaching. After all the lack of goals might well be the problem. I will work with you to identify areas of your life where you want to improve, and then help you set realistic and achievable goals.

Do I have to have specific goals in mind before I start life coaching?

Yes many, but I find myself reluctant to list them for fear we can prejudice the process with their inclusion. For example, I can help with 'confidence' but perhaps you're perfectly confident at work but not in personal relationships? The key is to work towards your specific goals defined by you as our work together evolves; and not by putting you in a box via my specialisms.

Do you have specific specialisms?

At the beginning of this journey we'll have an introduction call. This is an opportunity to ask me any questions you might have and to  tell me a little about yourself and how you have come to find yourself at the start of this journey. At the end of the conversation we'll both know if we're a suitable fit. If we are we can start our work together and if I not I'll be glad to make a referall recommendation.

How do I choose the right life coach for me?

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